Matt. Discovering Stability.

Romans 8:28 – “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” This quotation from the book of Romans in the Bible has served as my theme verse for my life. I am sure many people can identify with struggles, […]

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Nisha M. Commit to your journey.

So recently I got accepted into Kings College London to study Human Biology (the actual degree name is hella long) this September and let me tell you, this has to be the biggest blessing to ever happen to me because I’m am definitely not the smartest student. I’m not saying this to be modest, I’m […]

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Harley S. A story of a marine.

Heads down, mouths shut. The lights went dim. Our hands were shaking, Our palms were starting to get clammy, our minds were running one hundred miles an hour. We knew where We were heading, we knew there was no turning back. The bus came to a gentle stop, there was a simultaneous sigh that filled […]

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To a younger Elijah

To fourteen-year-old Elijah, I remember you well, you don’t know me yet. We still have so much in common after all these years. We still love the same people, we’re still passionate about the same things, and we still find comfort in all the same places. But I’m not here to discuss our similarities, I […]

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Finding your college major

What is it you love to do? The very first question you should ever ask yourself when figuring out your major, or ever anything that will consume your life for more than two years. Finding the perfect fit for yourself and your future career can be ever changing just as you are ever changing being […]

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