Harley S. A story of a marine.

Heads down, mouths shut. The lights went dim. Our hands were shaking, Our palms were starting to get clammy, our minds were running one hundred miles an hour. We knew where We were heading, we knew there was no turning back. The bus came to a gentle stop, there was a simultaneous sigh that filled […]

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To a younger Elijah

To fourteen-year-old Elijah, I remember you well, you don’t know me yet. We still have so much in common after all these years. We still love the same people, we’re still passionate about the same things, and we still find comfort in all the same places. But I’m not here to discuss our similarities, I […]

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Kevin M.

For so long l felt so lost, so underachieving because my dreams were so vast and crazy, and I was nowhere near accomplishing them. To me, in my mind, those dreams were guaranteed, but it felt numbing never having them happen in my life. I never took steps I never took action I kept my […]

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