Here we go

When you start a year you expect things to change, you expect to sit to those resolutions, but what happens? You fall back to the life you’re so comfortable with, the life you’re happy with because it’s easier to stay the same.

An issue remains, you are the same.

For me being the same was slowly killing me, slowly dragging me down to a place that wasn’t healthy mentally or physically, and that’s when the resolutions you make have to kick in, or else the life you have, will never be the life you want. The life I wanted was nothing but dreams of living someone else’s life, I was filled with jealously over envy just wanting to be like everybody else. That’s where this story begins.

I started 2019 as an overweight depressed individual, that was something every year since I was a child started as, and that was ok that was something I was happy with because I decided not to acknowledge it, and of course that was easier, of course it’s just another year in the same old routine was a simple excuse. But the excuses were wearing thing on my mind and at some point a flip had to switch, and luckily in February it did. The man I was wasn’t who I wanted to be anymore and things didn’t seem so dim.

I started to work and work and work non stop day after day the physically was difficult at first getting consistent with my routine never giving up on something like I would always do, I worked out 7 days a week over and over for months. Hitting goal after goal, becoming the person I wanted to be, I could see it take shape not theoretically but physically my face was different I could look in the mirror and not recognize the person I had become, and was still becoming. It was working I was losing weight and stay mentally on the path I wanted.

Here I today standing at 90 pounds down, loving myself and my life for the first time ever, I’m awake and I’m living in every single moment. My life’s back and it’s about to stay on a path I would of never thought could be possible. So when I wake up it’s one phrase I can easily live by, let’s live.

Let this all serve as a personal journey journal not only for me but for you. Because if I can do it, I know you can. So as I say, let’s live.

-From fat to this.-

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