Dog love

“Just think how easy it is for a dog to love you so unconditionally and always be there and always work to make you happy. If you treat them well and you give them love they will give the same back. Where they vary so different from humans that even if they are treated bad they will still give love no matter what because they just want to be happy and be puppies always no matter how old they are. Where humans can give up on love so easily and give out abuse because they have received it their life unlike the dog who will always give love. You can find your self in dark situations meeting and creating relationships with and people and bring that bad energy into the world because it was brought to you, but why? You don’t have to feel hate and spread it too you can always love because that’s what life is, it’s an abundant opportunity with billions of people in the world. All I say is if you wanna start feeling true love start with a dog you’ll always be ok.”

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