We all have to grow.

“I felt Like I always needed to be around for my child, to be home before she got home and to always take care of her more then focus on anything else. I never really focused on the fact on how unhealthy that was, not just for he but for me. I sort of became a stay at home mom just to focus on my child and that meant putting anything in my life on the back burner or to completely eliminate them. It wasn’t until one after noon waiting for my child to finish school that I started thinking about what my old friends are doing, so I sent one an email catching up, I found out that she was working full time and letting her kids have a life while working full time. Thats when it complete switched in my mind that its time to let my child really grow up and for me to go back to work. You always think you need to complete focus on your kids and thats ok but don’t let your life slip away and become so unhappy it can really drag you down.”

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