Smile at it all.

“Sometimes smiling becomes so difficult as it feels like so many things have piled on top of me at one time. With not being happy in my current job, ending a relationship easily and just trying o navigate life almost ton mown, it all feels like everything is against me. I just have to remind myself that everyone can go through this and just as easily get through it. I feel like everyone knows the problems that can pile on top you and you’re just trying to accomplish one at a time to climb back to where you were. I feel like though that you can forget on some of those things and just do what makes you happy. Sure you don’t need to be in a relationship, sure you don’t need to be the happiest in your career. You do though just need to be happy, and no matter where that happiness originates from you must find it to build the foundation for your future. I’m just chasing whatever dreams are most accomplishable as I know the rest will fall into place.”

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