Of all the vices

“Addiction comes in all forms and all sorts of vices. I think when you see someone be in the grasp of something so controlling and to use the word addiction you think of drugs but the addiction I saw and grappled with was something that seemed to cripple me far more mentally than physically. I was overweight my entire life, it all started out as being home alone and being bored and just eating whatever was around as I would watch TV after school. That routine kept up all the way until my early days of college. When it all started to finally hit me that I just wanted to eat, with times before I even had a meal I would think that this isn’t enough I needed more and more and a lot of the times I obliged. things were bad until I finally just looked up and saw the way other people looked and the relationships they had that I wanted that too, but how could I achieve any of that if I couldn’t even love myself. It was like a switch in my mind that I just wanted to be ok physically even more so mentally where I didn’t have to accept the fact that is easier to eat rather than exercise. To get where you need to be, make sure your mental health is never more broken then anything else because if it is you’ll always be stuck in that spot where you started.”

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