Don’t make life difficult.

Sometimes it feels like life is against you, but is it? Is life really against you, or is it something you sometimes put upon your self. You know the saying, do something today that future you will thank you for? I think we all know that we rarely help out our future selves and we get to that point in the future and you’re like mentally just drained, but why are we so drained, its because we stalled in doing what we should do for our happiness. This is our life it is our time to make an impact on this world. I think its the small steps I take in my life to better myself that help me climb out of the hole and I know one day I will get to be where I’m happy and mentally just all there but right now I have to embrace the journey. I think if you stay on the path and not allowing your self to be the one piling on you’ll always be ok, you can always block out the outside noise but if you let your self bring you down you’ll be stuck in that quicksand. Never give up being who you are, because who you are is what makes this world amazing, and to truly feel as amazing as that you must do what you need more then anything a small change here and a small change there, you don’t have to take leaps just baby steps. Remember life works out because you worked hard.

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