People two sided.

“I fell in love with a boy so bad for me, I think it made me more attached then I ever should have been. He was a terrible influence, he would always want to go hang out with troublemakers and do things that we should have never been doing. I don’t know why but he made my life exciting and I felt like it was something I could never get with any other guy, he never treated me bad, but when I can now look back at it he was putting our lives on a terrible path that could have ruined everything. In front of my parents, he could always put on a polite face and act like the perfect person, and maybe that’s what started to scare me about him, that he could so easily change who he was. I think it really just hit me one day, that his choices were way too wild and unrelated to my goals I had to end it. I think love really taught me that things can be so good in a relationship but if they aren’t doing things that help your goals and can potentially ruin it, it still can be a bad relationship.”

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