“I failed a class once and being raised the way I was failing was instilled as not being an option, so when I came away from that class with the final grade I felt like I couldn’t go home. How was I supposed to explain to them that I was the first in the family among three other kids to be the one failing, I know I was new in college and it was a challenge that I wasn’t prepared for. All the thoughts running through my head were about what their response could be, “You could have tried even harder”, “you could have stayed awake for a week straight” I thought my parents wanted the best matter what. When I had that conversation with them at first I was frightened because of those thoughts, with my head down my parents started talking, and they asked what was wrong I told them I failed and I told them how sorry I was, they looked so perplexed and we had the conversation about how they never wanted us to fail at anything no matter what, but they told me that wasn’t what they meant. All they wanted to from us was to work Like failing aunt an option but if we were to fill to learn from that moment and grow from that moment and become even better. It is ok to fail it is ok to learn from falling down, just get up being even better and harder working than ever before. “

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