Life, I can tell you how many things I worried and stressed about because it was so many times, though I cannot tell you what one of them was about. You know why? It’s because after I got past the moment that was the stress and worry it completely disappeared, and believe it or not I survived that anxious moment in time. You see these wrinkles they might be from stress but I pretty much chalk it up to being just a little older than you. If they were from stress let me tell you that they are not even close to being worth it, if I can tell you how many times I’ve been anxious or stressed but nothing about what those moments consisted of that’s eye-opening to me that I spent so much time in my life worrying about the unknown about not being able to control something, it’s ok to not know the future because if you did would you truly live a great and fulfilling life, I hope everyone can just live and enjoy their projections moments in time because they are leaving so quickly.

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