The differences.


“Sometimes I felt like I was just being judged based on my looks and maybe that was true, maybe that’s how some people would think because of just who they are and how they were raised or maybe it’s just pure misconceptions in their mind. It would cripple me a lot and I couldn’t handle it most nights, like coming home from work I could just collapse in my couch and feel like I was being judged for my work based on what I looked like and it was me just want to lay there and cry. I could go out in college and look completely different from everyone else in the room, I didn’t think anyone was judging me then, but in my mind, the last experiences had already been set and it just hurt. I couldn’t understand why someone would want to judge me before they even got to know me and I think that was the worst part because they didn’t know me at all. One day though I just said enough with them and enough with whatever thoughts they had, I just accepted there are a lot of people going through what I have gone through and I bet they fight through it all each day to prove everyone wrong and that’s what I decided to do, I’ve moved up like crazy in my career and personally I just love like there are no other people around as long as I have my loved ones around I’m honestly just happy with where my life is in the moment and where it is headed.”

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