I used to have this friend that I would never have thought could ever do me wrong, but I’m pretty sure we all have felt that before, and like those others that later realize that’s a crazy thought I no longer have that friend. We grew up together from elementary school to up until the middle of college. We would go everywhere and do everything together, we seemed inseparable honestly. So personally I thought everything would be fine until I got a girlfriend. We were like any other college group of friends that would go out have a good time or just hang out and to me, everything seemed normal, apparently, I was way wrong. One day I came home from class and that “best friend” I caught sleeping with my girlfriend. It was a wild day and a heartbreaking week basically losing my best friend and my girlfriend all at the same time. It hurt for a while, but then I had to tell myself to get over it and realize that if people are willing to hurt you they don’t deserve you. Just love yourself before you can love anyone else completely.


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