I moved to a new town where I didn’t know anybody and didn’t know what was in store for me. I always had my comfortable life and I didn’t really like too much change but I had to move to keep my career in the right path if I wanted to get where my goals exist. It’s kinda crazy I was just out exploring a park and and sat down to relax for a second and I say next to this older man, and I hear the words “I didn’t know young people stop and enjoy nature, I thought it was all about living on phones” for some reason it cracked me up, we just had this unique fun conversation first time I felt sort of happy since I moved, and a few simple words from him helped me out of my shell. He just mentioned to me about how fast his life flew by and that this moment is one of a million that defines your life so “just go meet some people, any random people and learn about their life” then it struck me what he said next “this moment right here is special because it will never happen again, and it’s part of your story that you just realized is being written, and you’re smiling so it must be a good one.” The whole thing seemed surreal, and showed me how important it was to just live and live out of a shell to make your life better one day at a time and one conversation at a time. 

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