There is a stigma around not having a home and I get that, I didn’t want to be here though all it took was a job lost and anger that ensued. All it really takes in life is one bad decision and those results that follow set the path that results in you being right here with me. I just don’t want nobody else to end up like me honestly not only is it extremely troubling trying to find a place to sleep every-night a safe place, its the people that make it the worst, you thought your drama was bad you should talk to the others out here. I would just say to whoever sees my words is that they know life can bad, but theres always a chance unless you find a way to continually beat yourself down. Don’t do that, I did that and here I am.

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  1. ThePittedRanch

    I’m sorry to hear you are going through something like this. My family was homeless when I was a baby so I don’t remember it. I do believe it’s things like this that make people stronger and better overall. Learn to not take things for granted. I hope things work out for you sooner than later.


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