We all look at a tough life very different and we all obviously come from very different places, my journey was one of living with almost nothing and becoming what I thought to be successful because of where I came from. When I was born I was born to very poor parents just trying to feed my siblings and myself. I knew as soon as I could understand that I wanted better for my self my future children and even my parents that I wanted to afford them  better life. I didn’t go to school because I had no money, I started working right a way I had three jobs and I can say I learned a lot from those jobs because the bosses I had taught me about business and the drive to improve in your work, I wanted to be able to do that for others so I started my own business, after I saved a lot of money and I created something to give back to my family and others who believed in me and were willing to work. It wasn’t some shiny business but it paid my bills and bills of others. No matter where you come from the dream will always be different, don’t compare yourself to others paths in lives because then you’ll miss that very path you’re meant to be on. 

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