Health in all forms.

My name is Manaesia Young, and I am the proud owner and founder of Moisturize Me Hair Care. Before I opened Moisturize Me Hair Care, I was doing what any 22 year old is expected to do. I was enrolled in school, working as a server trying to figure out what exactly I wanted to do. I knew that my passion had been somewhere between hair and health. Since I had already convinced myself that doing hair as a career for myself would not be ideal. I decided that going to school to become a doctor or a nurse practitioner was the only way to live out my passion while being financially successful. In 2014, I made a big decision to shave all of my hair off due to damage.

After doing so, I had become extremely fascinated with hair health and hair care. Deciding to create a hair care business was a very simple decision for me to make. Making natural products for myself was more than a hobby. It was a way for me to express myself. Finding natural and organic sources to create products to stimulate growth and help with hair health in general, was what I discovered to be my passion.

I also had the amazing support from family and friends to constantly pursue my passion. The support from them has constantly motivated me to not only keep pushing but to also keep innovating my brand. Although my brand is fairly new, only entering its second year. Understanding how to properly manage my time and to let others opinion be used to change my art has been my biggest struggle that I had to overcome. Allowing my time to be utilized more towards my business versus with my friends and going out has paid off. In doing so, I was able to turn my struggle into my success. By creating 7 new products to be released throughout the remaining year and early 2019. I have also been able to maintain the Top 21% of stores on the Shopify platform for 3 consecutive weeks, which is a huge success.

These struggles and success have molded me to always push myself along with staying authentic to my passion regardless of my fears. In the next 5 years, I see Moisturize Me Hair Care being a bigger store on the e-commerce platform. Along with being fully worldwide to help women, men and children fully understand the importance of hair health. I also expect that Moisturize Me Hair Care to help women through my empowerment in the continuing years.

Manaesia Young

If you have any questions or concerns about hair health please feel free to email Moisturize Me Hair Care at

Don’t forget to check out Moisturize Me Hair Care at for all of your hair care needs!

IG: moisturizemehaircare

Stay Beautiful

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