I never really knew what living a full life would be, I graduated from college and I instantly went into the workforce and then get married when I was 21 Sometimes I feel like I never really lived that full life because I see how younger people are living today they almost don’t get married until they are 30 and after they are done exploring the world. I felt more jealous when I was younger but now, I get to see my grandchildren almost daily and that’s my goal of a full life. Getting to spoil them and give them a different kind of love and see them grow up makes my day better than any other life I could have ever lived. I just know no matter where your journey was in the past, if you keep looking back you’ll never move forward and live any dream.


  1. April

    I think everyone feels this way about other generations. Like yes, people my age aren’t settling down, but we also generally can’t afford houses. Pros and cons to being either age.


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