I think there was a pretty bad time between my mother and myself. We really did not like each other when I was a teenager. I was the typical think you know it all, my mom at times to me seemed like my enemy. She didn’t want me to have any fun, she didn’t want me to hang out with friends or gain new experiences. I think it was one terrible night which happened to a girl from my school. I guess her mom was much cooler than mine, and she was allowed to go out to a party, and drink, and have “fun” that drinking thought turned into her trying to get back home drunk and ended up in a terrible crash, A crash I’m sure tore her mother apart. In that moment I saw why my mom tried to contain me, and I’m glad I was contained because I couldn’t imagine ever making her sad, she is my world and always will be. It’s the adversity through family that makes it truly a family.

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