What made me.

Sports are almost a necessity anymore to escape daily life and current events, they have seen values grow and audiences commitments grow alongside them. Some see sports as a way to become famous and rich. For me though and others who knew they couldn’t make it professional saw the way sports could change your life.

I started playing basketball and football and baseball as early as I can remember. My mother signed me up and at first, I didn’t really want to participate, that quickly changed when I seemed to excel. With my mom cheering me on at every game. She was there, she was more committed then I was and that made every game fun hearing her yelling my name or calling out an official. It was the fact that I made he proud that mares sports the best and worth every bit of struggle from those early days to that’s days in high school when I was playing the best I ever could. Reasons for your mother putting you in sports compared to just wanting to play could change your whole perception and make you push harder.

For me, it pushed me harder for what my mother told me.

I grew up without a father, we didn’t live in the best area because my mom couldn’t afford much even though it was just us two. I really understood as I got older what was happening to other kids in my neighborhood when they weren’t busy doing something to take up their time. They would end up in the streets at some point never doing anything again because they took a bullet, all because they were bored and associated with the wrong people.

For me, it was the attention to winning that I feel kept me alive.

Because my mother decided to put me in sports I think I’m alive today, there was of course points in my life where I rebelled, I mean I was still a kid. Sports though allowed me to take out my anger by expressing all of my energy into something productive. Coaches that were there along the way helped me and pushed me, of course not as much as my mother but they were there when I needed them. Without sports, in high school, I don’t know how I could have kept my grades up, because school was not my thing but my drive and effort from sports pushed me in school too. With that I am able to hold a degree from a university, I am able to hold a job and work hard to be promoted. I am able to provide for my family and their future.

For me, sports was a lesson to improve as a human.

Everyone deserves the chance to be better and achieve a better life. Kids don’t deserve to be destined by where they are from or what circumstances life will throw them to trouble them the most. The small things that made me truly constructed a better me and take advantage of something so common like sports makes my life complete.


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