To the one who cared

Thank you for everything you have ever appreciated in me, and the things that you have ever done for me. You were there through countless times, the ups the downs and the memories I will hold. I didn’t think I could ever handle something so heartbreaking and life shattering. No matter what you were there and I couldn’t thank you enough for the one night it meant the most.

We grew up together and we are we were close but sometimes we would be with different friend groups and we definitely had other best friends but we were always talking and communicating and never miss a chance to see each other in person. I can remember when I called you would answer when you texted something hilarious we could always keep a conversation going. Then there was that one night that I couldn’t forget where you sat with me and we never missed a beat.

That day started like any other honestly, I’m not sure if you remember it on your end because it may have started normal. So did mine, but the tragedy that accompanied made the lost mundane stick in my mind to tag along with everything else. I remember walking into school, you were another group of girls as I walked by we smiled and went about our ways because class was about to start. I remember seeing you walk in and sit down in our “assigned seats” and we started a boring lecture like always. Halfway through I was in a daze and then my name was being said, I looked up and saw the vice principal there trying to get my stew took telling me to follow her. I looked up to you, we smiled and you tilted your head, giving me the sarcastic in trouble look, that still makes me smile.

Honestly the next thing I remember I was home, my entered family was there talking to my mother. And it seemed like those scenes from a movie where the character was sitting still and everything was speeding around. That was me, that was me dealing with losing my dad. Everyone kept trying to talk to me everyone kept trying to offer their condolences’ but I was gone mentally. I couldn’t cry, I couldn’t process I just sat there. When a few hours later you texted me, asking me how much trouble did you get in with a winky face. I told you “no trouble, my dad passed away” your reply broke me, it allowed the tears to truly flow.

“On my way, I love you”

That sentence right there is why I couldn’t thank you enough, you cared so deeply you didn’t even go through the ordinary checking up on me and offering assurances you just knew how to help. You are everything and thank you I couldn’t give you I wish could be enough. You sat there with me all night as I mostly cried and we reminisced about everything fun we did that involved my dad. It was what I needed and it set the foundation for me being ok eventually.

You gave me friendship I could never replace and never will, you gave me an ear and a shoulder, you gave me memories I had forgotten about with my dad. You were there and still are to this very day.

As you read this I hope you know that you are an everything to me and I can tell you, also to so many people. Your soul represents the good in this world.

I love you always,


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