To the friends who made me.

Dear the four.

I can sit here today and with a strong bitter-sweet feeling, and say that you four truly changed my life. There will never be better days in my life when we met. The only things that outpaces and improves on those days, is the days when we were able to all be together and do something that brought us closer together. Those times and those movements are things that I will carry with me and bring to the universe whenever I can because I know you four deserve to be recognized for the souls you carry.

I remember the day when we all met, and I’m glad that is the strongest memory because we both know high school was nothing but a mixed bag of emotions. Those days of dealing with boys and other “friends” almost broke all of us but together we made it through and make our relationships stronger. We met on that first day of sophomore year in home-room and it really cemented throughout that year. For those next three years, we were unstoppable in our own minds and I’ll never give up those memories for no matter where we go.

Those days when life had to pull us apart weren’t sad and heart-breaking, they were full of tears but with happiness, of what was next. The first one of the four had to go experience life in a new career, the next had to go get a masters a degree at a college (I still don’t think is good because it’s football team stinks) the next of us of course had to meet a boy, to see that relationship unfold made us all happy no matter where we were when you FaceTimes us one by one to show us that ring. Then one of us who had to be so free-spirited she started to travel the world, the one we marvel in awe of her Instagram. Those paths made our stories even better. Even though we had to separate I still appreciate life for giving us new chapters.

I am the only one that stayed home in this town we learned to truly appreciate as we got older. I will always hold this place so you can always come home and we can always reminisce. I’m so proud and thankful of you all, I’m excited to see where you go and I’m excited to see who you become. I can’t wait to see your hearts be filled with love as we each get married off and reconvene to watch each marry the person that deserves you.

No matter where you are in the world, no matter what you learn, no matter the family you create, no matter the career you embrace and no matter the distance we hold we will always be there in spirit. Thank you for everything you have done for me and thank you for everything you have given me because my growth is from you.

Love you beautiful girls,



  1. Jenny T - Mentally Unique

    What a sweet sentiment. I had close friends in high school, and I even think of some of them fondly, but I was profoundly aware that life moves on, and high school is a blip in our lives, so why bring a bunch of people with you. I was wrong. I don’t necessarily miss that I don’t talk to anyone from high school anymore, but I thoroughly enjoy reading posts like this one. There is something sweet about a group of friends that stay together through the phases of life.


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