True freedom of life.

Freedom is what you embody, you only conform to what us necessary to survive. The coding in your brain is what many people think you need and must follow as you live your life, but when I see you sitting there I can see the freedom that you can easily escape too.

What is freedom if not the ability to take off when you want. When you see a new opportunity, a new path, a new chance to better your life. You are everything so many humans want to be. You are what, so few humans can afford to be.

You are nature so pure and one of a kind. The ways you look and the ways you call you do it because it’s what it means to be alive in your journey. You call and call sometimes never ending looking. You sing a song that nothing can match but can easily be identified to what you are and will be. I know though, I know you sing because you like to send the sound of something so happy into the world filled with so many noises.

You know what true love is because you never give up finding the one that’s perfect for you and in life for them. You sing to beckon and receive the call back. You sing and sing and sometimes your heart breaks when no one calls back. When you find that mate you are unwavering loyal.

For who you are is why no human could possibly be you, you don’t let a heartbreak destroy you, you swoon for what you want and what you believe in. You travel to survive you travel to live. You are the bird calling to life.


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