My guide to surviving you.

When I first met you, I thought you were nothing more than a charming, yet typical guy. Someone I smiled at when you smiled at me, but I never thought anything more than that. You won me over though, and at the beginning you let me feel like I was a valuable prize, a person that you were lucky to have, and you worked so early on by making so happy every day. I guess though with all things considered I was just another person you knew was going to come and go, I didn’t know it but I’m glad you did, I’m glad you knew what you didn’t what. So, I wanted to give you a guide of how to survive yourself, because karma will come.

Don’t fall for that smile.

 I remember being at that party, standing there talking to my friends. I look over suddenly and there you are looking over at my, you give me the sliest little smile and you caught me, I smiled right back. You came up to me as I was walking around, and we talked, you were kind and interested in what I was saying. We talked for a while, we never had any awkward moments, we just talked It was one of the best conversations I would have had in a while. Again, you had me. So, to you I say, I don’t get hooked by the smile because if you do you start down the path of being tricked into thinking you are someone else.

Don’t even go on that first date.

 You know how we sat there across from each other, making constant eye contact just talking like we never skipped a beat from that party. We were eating and just having a good time it was all perfect. I think that’s where I went wrong next because I ignored where your eyes went. They went right by as a female walked by. You had me already caught up in you, I didn’t even notice early on what kind of person you are to consider others over what you have. So, don’t even go on that first date because it’s a shield of cute date to cover your wandering interest.

Don’t lean in for a kiss.

 When you go in for that first kiss, you really make that connection complete. You get to thinking right now, all he has is interest in passion for what we have had so far. They way held me it was nothing but the best after the kiss. It was like all you wanted was to stand there and have a movie moment, that’s what I thought. Apparently that wasn’t at all what you thought. So, don’t even go for the kiss that leads to a magical movie moment because horror is the genre that surprises us all.

Don’t let your self get away with things.

 After we started dating you wanted nothing, you gradually slid downhill with all those movie moments, dates weren’t often, time together wasn’t appreciated, your phone became more interesting. So, if you want to last make sure you keep putting in the effort otherwise you’ll always be second choice.

Don’t criticize

You really did not enjoy, the words “hey pay attention. Those words which seemed so spiteful to you but were so normal to me seemed to sink you lower into what you were “occupied” in. You hated me telling you just how boring you are and how much you don’t do stuff or how you don’t want to work as often as you did. So, just let yourself be yourself maybe you’ll fall so far into your hole you’ll learn.

Don’t believe you’re a good person

 You know everyone says believe in yourself, and always push for a better you. I really don’t know if that’s possible, I don’t think you shouldn’t believe any of it because when something that’s easy for you to get even though it’s the most destructive. You choose to not work on a relationship, you choose to entertain another person passionately instead. You never have seemed to care is what I got out of it. So, if you believe you’re pure of heart, you aren’t. When you believe that lie your heart will be just as destroyed as mine.

I hope through all of this you truly get an understanding of who you are and what you are really all about. Maybe you can take my tips even if it’s the first one and never get into the heartbreaking relationship to begin with, but I highly doubt you can truly skip out on the mind games. Maybe one day you’ll change and learn and then again you probably won’t.




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