For the pain, I say thank you.

I said I love you, I thought you could understand. You were nothing but the best, you said you were a real man. You told me you don’t hide your emotions, you said you don’t hide during any kind of commotion. You would protect me, you would be there no matter the situation. Love, passion, care. You were to be the one who showed me everything that could possibly be there. You were my heart, you were the soul, you were mine. One who could never do any wrong in my eyes, you were always supposed to be the man who could see the future and made me believe. You saw the path, you saw the way our lives were going to intertwine, you were everything but terrible in my mind. I believed in you, I believed in what could be. Until the night you decided you wanted me to leave.

I stood there looking at you, as you threw everything all my things. I could see you wanted to destroy it all, you wanted to show your strength. You wanted to prove you were that man you promised you would be. I saw a monster in those clothes I bought you. You stomped you yelled, you cursed. You were the boy in the man’s clothing. What kind of person could I be, to never see who you truly could turn out to be. You turned to look at me and asked me “Do you have anything to say, don’t just stand there say anything”. How could I build up anything to say, I wasn’t afraid, I wasn’t upset, I wasn’t even mad. I was relieved. I, wasn’t going to be stuck in something down the road if we were to be married and this happened. Do you remember what I did say? I do. I said, “Thank you”.

Your eyes almost glossed over, you were shocked, you were upset, you were the one afraid. Because you realized that animalistic behavior you showed was nothing more than validation. You were the pain in this world, and I was glad to see it go. So again, I say thank you, you helped me avoid the biggest mistake of my life, you helped me realize the smile I could have with the right people in my life, you made me realize that my life is more valuable than a couple of lies. Thank you for cheating and trying to blame me for not being enough, you helped me realize I am definitely more than enough.

From my heart and my entire life, Thank you.

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