A Letter to my Past, Present, and Future Self: Moments are Fleeting

Moments are fleeting. They can never last forever. You can remember them for a long time, but details will start to disappear, and it won’t be the same as living it. Think about the future. When you are in a moment it seems like that moment will last forever, but it does not. The moment will end. You are always in a rush, full steam ahead to get where you need to go, and don’t live in the moment. The future is important and you need to think about it, but live in the now too, okay?

Don’t forget about the future, as much as the moment need your attention, they define your future, so don’t forget that. Evert moment will have a consequence, either good or bad. You can always plan. In fact, you should plan more, it’s good to have a plan. Don’t be the stereotypical high-school who parties hard and when you get to college have no clue what to do. You don’t want to be that person. Keep your future in mind. Be prepared, work hard, and plan out what you want to do, all while keeping your mind open to other options. Let your moments be the ones that make a good, steady future.

The most important thing you need to remember is that moments are fleeting. Both the good and the bad. While in a good moment, don’t leave it. Hold on a bit longer, smile a bit wider, laugh more, let people know how you feel. Don’t regret it, live it. The moment will end sooner than you want it to, and you will start to forget. The moment is fleeting, so keep the good ones close.  While in a bad moment though, remember it will end. Whatever you are going through now will be gone eventually, so let it go, don’t hold a grudge, find a way to laugh, you can do it. Don’t let the a few bad moments define your lifetime.

Let your moments create a future with happiness. Cry, laugh, smile, now. Don’t let the moments die. Both the good and the bad will shape you. Use the good ones for happiness, and the bad ones to remind you how strong you are. Remember when it’s bad that people love you. You can do this, and you will, so keep pushing and staying strong!



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