Brooke, An art filled journey.

Creativity has always been a passion for me, I loved art classes growing up and put a lot of time into learning creative skills! However, upon graduating high school I was unsure of what collegiate emphasis to explore and decided I would go to hair school since it was a combination of several of my interests! I love doing hair to this day, but a few years in I needed to get a second job to help put my husband and I through school, and that is when I decided to study art! I remember trying to figure out what my major should be because I loved visual arts, but kept feeling like there was no future in painting,drawing,etc. so I started to study graphic design instead. I had heard the phrase  “there is not much of a career in painting” so many times that I started to believe it and even found myself saying it to others when I expressed why I was studying graphic design instead of painting, which I had always loved. I loved parts about graphic design but I did miss the paintbrush and canvas!


After graduating we moved across the country, (Utah to Virginia), started new jobs and had a baby girl! When i started decorating Hazel’s room i painted a bunch of baby animals and had multiple people tell me I should look into selling them, but i just wasn’t sure I had the gumption to get into that. However; after a couple months of motherhood I felt that I could truly benefit from a consistent reminder that I am good at something other than diaper changing and laundering sticky clothes. 😉 While mothering is by far my most important role, I decided to try out an additional one and put myself to work!

I was so excited to COMBINE my passions of painting AND graphic design. It took me hundreds of hours to get my work together! So much effort was put into getting my baby animals watercolored, digitally enhanced and compressed for printable downloads. I also decided I wanted to offer some quotes as well as paint large abstract canvases. Doing all the artwork does not even begin to account for the time spent getting the artwork staged, photographed and listed for sale… It is truly a lot of thought, time and effort. I second guessed myself the entire way and wondered if I was wasting all my free time. But I kept reminding myself that if I didn’t start now, I never would; and I owed myself a REAL SHOT at making art a career because I have such a passion for it.


After listing everything, I thought the hardest part was over, but… unfortunately continuing to come up with ideas and involve myself in social media takes about the same amount of effort and is a continuous internal battle wondering if my time is being well spent. Etsy is so saturated and it’s a real learning curve to get all of the keywords, titles and tags right. But despite all the obstacles, I have STARTED my journey, and that is an accomplishment all on its own. For me it has been a slow and simple process but looking back I am so happy I decided to start THEN.

If there is a passion that you are tucking away, indulge yourself! It doesn’t matter if you plan on selling any of it or you simply do it for pleasure, life is too short to not take time to do the things you love! And if there is something that you have always said “I wish I could do that!” then sit yourself down and figure out how to learn, information and knowledge is at our fingertips and NONE of the people you aspire to be were born good at what they do now!


Shop the amazing art of Brooke and support this amazing small business. Also follow Brooke and her journey on instagram below.


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  1. Kim Mann

    Thanks so much for sharing your journey. Your article encourages me to consider graphic art also – since I desire to mix my art with words and expressions. I am still in my toddler-hood of my artistic journey and so am hungry to hear the perspective of others.


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