Sidewalk Talks.

I started to panhandle because why not? Everybody is always trying to make the easy money, from the pyramid schemes to the illegal drugs. For me there is nothing easier then standing here with a sign with no education, not being loud or disruptive or nothing but just holding this sign. I can make good money doing this, I can make close to 100 dollars some days, depending on where I stand, what my sign says or what I decide to wear. I don’t see nothing wrong with it. This is America aint it, where the rich people get to keep taking legally but here I am holding a sign not harassing anybody just trying to live my life alone. Yet people In their Mercedes think I’m bad for this world, standing there taking people’s money who are driving to work in their fancy car some probably can’t even afford those cars, just buy them to look flashy and when they default they will be out here too, then we will see who’s scrounging off society. Go to any corner in a bad neighborhood at night, hell go during the day and see the illegal things people are doing on those corners or intersections. But because here I am in the nicer part of town where they can’t just confine me to a bad neighborhood and they can actually see mem then they have a problem with me, but I bet if I was in those bad neighborhoods they too scared to drive through, and they found out I was getting in trouble they would comment on the internet how the government is taking peoples first amendment right, because you know that’s what the courts have ruled on about this being legal, yet when I’m in their “safe areas” they petition the government to try and force me off public areas and public easements. Again, I thought this was America where capitalism rules and you supposed to get money. I guess it only applies to the few still.

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