Dont get lost in the words.

I like living like a normal person, honestly more average than anything else. I really don’t know why. I never made waves in my life, I never got in trouble or attracted unwanted attention to myself. I always stayed home and read or studied, when others would party because I knew if I’m doing that stuff in that moment in the future would be better for me. Maybe that advise was ill fated in some ways but in others not so much. I regret not going to be social, I regret not experiencing all the things others did. How could I ever participate though, it seemed like by the words of some I wasn’t accepted into the many. To go out and hangout around people who will constantly shoot looks your way or say something in their little groups of friends how is that even fun for anyone. When I realized that being myself and doing what I wanted to better myself I knew instantly how much better my life was at the moment and will be even farther into the future. I know one thing for sure those nights I stayed home and got ahead on school work and really focused on what I wanted on my life, those moments were the moments I will remember because they make my future endeavors that much stronger. Now that I work in education and get to teach the kids that could be going through the same thing, I know that if they see the proof in one persons experience that they will be able to stay strong through anything. Life really is about bettering yourself each day. Never give up on yourself, always be true to your course, that’s the phrase I live by.

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