Hes’ got you

Dear Someone :

You, yes you. He sees you, He sees the real you. Yes I know you might feel like no one cares if you live or die but He does. He cares for you so much.

So drop the pills, walk away from that ledge , drop that razor and listen to what I have to say. You have someone who loves you so much, who would do anything to see you happy and His name is God.

Your creator. He moulded you into the person you are today, He has a fantastic plan for your life “Jeremiah 29:11.” You might feel like He has forgotten about you but He hasn’t. His counting your tears and He will wipe them away. Whatever you are going through, can’t be compared to what is coming.

He sent his only Son to die for you. JESUS, the best friend you could ever ask for. When you feel like your drowning , remember your Savior walks on water. He will protect you, He will guide you, He will comfort you, just go to Him. “Matthew 11:28.”

Nothing in life is permanent, so hold on just a little longer, you are gonna make it. You are stronger than you think.
He got you♥️

Love :


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