Higher Educations Illicit Behavior.

Colleges and universities boast to have some of the brightest minds in the world, creating talent and innovation for the world that is unlike anything else. These places are something that people get to experience almost a completely new life, creating experiences and friendships that last a lifetime. They create something within someone if they push something and are able to take that opportunity to create a better life. within almost each colleges recruiting packets, the phrases of fostering hope and safety within their community shine brighter than anything else. Plenty of times, these “safe communities” are cloaked in bureaucracy and hidden complaints that many of the times are done to continue to attract more tuition. Often these complaints include Sexual assault,  sexual harassment, and rape. Complaints that seem to pile up until the pile eventually collapses into the public eye.

From Penn State to Michigan State, colleges and universities are having the worst times in their existence and deservingly so. When coaches or doctors are continually complained about, and the people they have complained too, are slow-moving or otherwise dismissive. A new culture is born, this culture is something that creates and promotes near disastrous and deadly behavior. Peoples lives are altered and consequences many timed are not dished out. When people in authority get to run around, in their tax-funded job running universities with millions of dollars at stake they will never let a negative thing comet on their watch. When high profile athletes are accused and reported to title IX, only to have those departments told by athletics that they will handle it internally and nothing is done and those athletes re-offend its a sign that money rules, where education should.

When colleges and universities employ professors, who are accused of and proven by multiple people to be a serial sexual harasser at events and other functions towards students, that professor doesn’t deserve one bit of respect and confidentiality they are given. When they are handed, paid leave assignments and then subsequently “let go” only to not tell their next university because it was secret where they very well will harass other students is not ok. Public universities are not entitled to anything special, no secrecy and no oops moments. When taxpayer money is found out to have never been used to investigate, or have to been used somewhat to get rid of a problem that is a slap in yours, mine and our faces to say we didn’t deserve to know, when everything that happens on that campus effects the lives of thousands of people old and new.

The young boys at Penn State University didn’t deserve it because he was a high profile coach. the young girls and women working to chase their dreams didn’t deserve it, because its “part of the exam” and he knows what he’s doing and is one of the best, they didn’t deserve it. Students who just wanted to learn and make the next step in their life, don’t deserve to be sexually harassed and then see that professor go on to the next university so easily, and had no idea the kind of person they are because the last university didn’t want to share public information. That professor didn’t deserve one thing for sure, the same career.

Campuses aren’t exclusively what they use to be where going to parties could lead to sexual assault. they are now becoming more clear that inappropriate and devious behavior is all around, the money and power shielding those in the highest authority. What happens on campus, deserves to be told to everyone, whether a public university or private. If your tuition pays for that school, you pay for safety and accountability no matter the situation.


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