I had one person in my life that made everything easy; she was my soul and my entire existence honestly. When we first met, I felt like I could have never won her over, but I wore her down as she would say. She made me smile; she made the sunrise every day and my entire life more focused and better than before. She pushed me to be the best I could be, then one day my support and existence were gone. The morning and day were completely normal. We had both said goodbye and left for work. I made it back home first, as usual, she is typically 30 minutes after me, today though my schedule changed forever. I kept waiting and waiting for the door never opened, and she never walked in. I received the worse call anybody can ever take; It was a police officer who found my name as an emergency contact, she had been in a crash on her way home. I rushed to the hospital she was in, I was a maniac in there I just wanted to see her. Several nurses and a security guard kept trying to tell me to calm down, and when they found her information told me she was in surgery. I was sitting there in that terrible waiting room, head in my hand’s eyes closed just rocking. My heart was racing, I then heard my name. I looked up, and ill never forget the look and the words that followed. “I’m sorry, we did all we could, but the trauma was too great.”. I was destroyed, I crumbled, crying, yelling. It took me close to a year to cope with it. Losing my world felt like I was going never to be me again. One day during my struggle though, I remember what she would have said if I was ever struggling with anything. “You cant let this moment define you.”. I have non stop been working to make her proud. Loss of love no matter in what form it may be, you can do it. You can live with them because they love you more than anything. Make them proud and live in their name. Because one day you will see them again and that love will be stronger than ever.


Love those while you can. They can be gone in a moment.


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