RWT: What was the toughest moment in your life ?


Vanessa: “I ran away because I felt like that was my only option. I felt like my family didn’t want me, that they didn’t need me around. I just felt like I could things much better, which of course was foolish beyond belief. I remember that night, packing my school backpack and putting a few clothing items their things that could never help me survive as a sixteen-year-old out in the world. I then just left, not even thinking about my family. Arguments we had weren’t even bad in comparison it was all about me being a pain, and I was every day I look back I understand how much of pain I was. I didn’t care when I left how my parents felt, how worried they were. Now that I know and can look back on it, it all breaks my heart. I let my parent’s minds think the worse. I allowed my ego and teenage brain take over and ruin a period of time when I could be living life. When they found me at a friend’s house the next day, it was yelling, frustration and a level of hate from me. Surprising enough we started to get close because I think I became sacred myself. I kept aging, and we kept having open conversations. I wish I could go back every day and tell myself that those parents may seem like a pain but so am I. those parents are everything they give you everything. Love the time and opportunities you have with them because their love is the most powerful force in the world.”

Vanessa: Love the moments always love the moments and the people who make them special.

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