RWT: Tell me about what felt like the greatest struggle in your life and what you took away from it.


“I’ve used tinder, and all the other dating apps to try and meet people. I was never a bar person, I love conversations and meeting new people, but the crowds and the people in the crowds just discouraged me from going. I enjoyed meeting people through an app (the real ones). It gives you a boost of confidence, and ease to communicate. For me though that ease created something worse. The guy I met was real, charming and good looking. We connected and talked regularly. It was nice having that person there, but it became dark quickly. When I wouldn’t answer, he’d message me three plus times with the constant “hey,” that became something worse. He had me on every social media, so I had to block him on everything, but the words and threats kept coming. It was a terrible nightmare. Luckily, we never met in person, because that online obsession would have become real and tangible. I’m glad he didn’t convince me he was Mr. nice guy and then I took a chance and met him in person where something worse could have happened. You have to really get to know people before you risk anything, if you meet online, video chat, then meet somewhere and learn, because the internet is the best way to hide your truth.”

Alexis: I honestly just want people to know how important it is to really just talk to someone and get to know them for a while, what lies beneath can be beautiful or a monster.

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