Arthur W.

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RWT: Tell me about the moment in your life that made you feel the lowest and how you overcame.

Arthur:  I always thought life was easily programmable, grow up go to school get a job. Just how you think It happens based on everyone around you. I liked the challenge of having to push yourself. When I graduated college, I knew I was going to have to do just that to be an actual adult. My first few months as an adult was great, I loved the routine especially the pay showing up in my account, but apparently my boss didn’t love me. I was called into his office, and he just straight up told me “you’re not meeting our expectations, we need to move on to someone better to fill the role.” I was crushed, and felt discouraged beyond belief. Those next few months as I tried to pick myself up, when I finally said enough, and just went for a new field, and I got it and have been loving it ever sense, I’m thriving now. If you believe in yourself and don’t let a little bump knock you off course, you’ll do great things.

I just want people to understand that no matter what, they can do what they want and be happy. Sometimes you get knocked off course and you can pull yourself back.