Michelle P.

Part one to the mini series #myjourneymystory

RWT: Tell me the quick snapshot of your largest struggle, and how you overcame it to truly become who you are.

Michelle: “Don’t conform, don’t be the person the world thinks you should be. You are the reason you are so special because there is no one else like you.” Those are the words I mutter to myself every morning as I stumble out of bed to get to work. I started to tell myself that when I was in middle school. How did I get so insightful and committed to something like that? Self-hate. I saw what the world wanted me to be, And I thought that should be me. It nearly crushed me. I survived years of being that kid and hating every second of my life and myself. One day though I just wanted to be me, and when I was my world blossomed.

I just hope everyone understands that this world has billions of people and no one is the same. sure you may have twins who look exactly alike, but that doesn’t mean they are the same. The world sets standards of who we each should be. When you try to be those people life sucks. Just be you and be the one who changes the worlds perception.


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