Mike. A letter to my Teen Self.

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“Don’t let your mind waste, if you’re bound to be great.”

Don’t let the lessons around guns be the only lessons you ever hold. I know it feels like things will forever be bad and that you will never have any chances then to be that kid, from a bad neighborhood only bound to do two things, go to jail or die. The problem is when you start embracing your surroundings rather than making them the motivation you need to get out you will ruin any chance you have. I know you wake up every day and you feel like you are exactly where you are supposed to be, believe me that’s just wrong. You know that comic book you read when you were a kid, a person becoming a superhero because of a simple act of heroism that isn’t that hard. You can walk outside tomorrow and be that, go do something for our elderly neighbor. Learn to be a good human learn how to actually care for something important because if you do I Promise our road ahead wouldn’t be so bad. Keep your head up.

When you wake up in the morning, don’t dread going to school, embrace it learn, learn to be a better you and a better student of the world. I wish you could truly because of what you do next is what makes life too hard to overcome many times, and for that we are now stuck. I know school seems useless but if you can be in a school that seems like they don’t care or where they just throw students into a place because they are form a certain neighborhood, you can still seize that opportunity because you can learn something you didn’t know yesterday. That’s on me though, we could have had a high school degree. Keep your head up.

Don’t run out don’t quit. Because if you drop out just like we do, it becomes near impossible that we can be anything. But we do. So how do we fix it. How do we become the citizen mom always wanted us to be? I know it seems like she’s being unfair and making life seem tougher, but all she does is care. She doesn’t want her son to be lost to the streets like so many of her friends. Hug her embrace her. Show her that you can be something, because before too long she’ll be lost and you wont get to be the kid she always knew you could be. Keep your head up.

Things will be tough for a while, and it’s on me it’s on my willingness to so easily give up when it feels like you are going to be a statistic and that you have to be this certain type of way, but it’s wrong. I promise you if you try you can be anything you want, you can go out and earn a college degree and do something to come back to the neighborhood and help others. For now, though we are stuck, but I’m working hard to fix it for us. I know we can’t change the way we are living but keep your head up. I’m working to make it better. I have three jobs now working tirelessly to make it all right, to point to the sky and make moms proud. I’m in community college trying to learn a new skill. I promise you that skill will make us better. We will return home and help those who need it, but for now keep your head up.

Keep hustling towards the dream.



  1. mphadventuregirl

    If I could talk to my high school self, I would tell it the importance of being open-minded. Me the high school kid who was like I hate tragedies, they don’t belong in theatre or in literature. My college self, which is me now, would say to that kid don’t judge them too much, you will learn to love some tragedies, don’t think it is pure sad. That is definitely something I would say to my high school self


      1. mphadventuregirl

        A lot of times you may not realize you made a mistake till later in life.

        I am now a Les Mis fanatic and that musical told me tragedies are not at all what you once believed. They go beyond the sadness that I thought. That show turned my current love of musicals into a passion


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