To NFL Quarterbacks and Silicon Valley, Women Can Do It.

To the NFL quarterbacks and Silicon Valley techies who think women can’t do or cover what you do with the same results as you or any male counterpart, you’re wrong. Somehow conversations within the past year especially so in the last few days has been that women aren’t on a similar level as men. Several months ago, a google employee wrote a manifesto that women in the tech world was a problem, and that equality was being pushed too hard. Almost believing that women are incapable because they like people and not things or items that Silicon Valley produces daily. Now a few days ago an NFL quarterback found it interesting that a women reporter was asking a question about a part of the game. Is it really that odd or “funny” though?

My entire life I have been out worked and out schooled by countless women and that is more than fine with me, because those who work the hardest deserve the most. Maybe they have to work because you think they shouldn’t be where they are or where they are going. Maybe you should see just how important they could be to your company or sport. When you operate a business or even work in one you always want the best talent around you, that’s how everything and everyone gets better. If you’re afraid of getting out hustled by someone, a female or not, then you’re the one in the wrong place.

I bet your tune changes when your daughters wage is less than a man doing the same job as her. A wage gap between a male and a female shouldn’t even be a thing. When a human being does the same job as any other human being the logical mathematical thing is for everything to be equal. Are you going to sit there and say ridiculous things, write ridiculous letters or are you going to fight for what is truly right?  When you run or start a business and want to make the most money, are you going to hire the low work ethic man, who has been an office drone and just works week to week for the paycheck and makes you the most “comfortable”, or are you going to hire the female who offers new ideas and works hard because she loves it? I know id hire the person that would help us all make the most money. While also being someone who can teach me something new every day. When you’re comfortable or continuing a trend of prejudice things will never change and the world will never become a better more efficient place.

50 plus years ago, equality was part of another fight, and before that there was another one. Before that fight fifty years ago Black athletes in sports was rare and often hated. They were subject to the cruel despicable side of the human race, because they wanted to do something white people were doing. Thankfully those athletes didn’t stop fighting, because history was able to witness and record athletes like Jesse Owens show Hitler who really was the greatest, history was able to record Jackie Robinson stand in the face of pure hate and change the game of baseball forever. Don’t be the athlete, that thinks women can’t ever come into your sport and participate because look around you, now more than ever girls are picking up once pure male sports although there is a separate league for many of the sports, at some point the level of competition can very well merge allowing someone who “throws like a girl” to finally play with the boys. Because a female reporter comes into your locker room and ask questions about the sport she is paid to report on and ask questions, its really not a special or funny moment that she is doing it. She’s in that field because she loves it and wants to be a part of it. I can certainly guarantee to you that the female reporter knows more about the sport then 99 percent  of your fans that would come to defend you.

No matter the color of someone’s skin or their biological makeup there is no difference. If you’re so afraid face your fear, have a conversation learn about that human being and see why you have always been wrong or will continue to be wrong. Until you understand that they can do anything you can do and sometimes even better then you can, then you’re the one the world will leave behind. Don’t be on the wrong side of history embrace the much-needed change in this world.




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