Jen G. Accomplishing A Well Balanced Life.

Jen Gressel.

A well balanced life.

You can do anything you put your mind to. This is something my dad told me repeatedly when I was younger. That phrase has always danced in my head. I needed to hear that when I was younger to find out what it meant when I got older. To me, it means you can push through anything you put your mind to. You have the power to succeed.

I was never a good student. I always felt like I wasn’t smart enough and therefore my formative years were basically spent being way to cool for school. Pre-k through 6th grade I spent in the public schools system of Indianapolis. 7th-12th my parents decided we would move about 25 minutes up the interstate to a very affluent town north of Indianapolis. Basically my parents moved as soon as I got super awkward and my body started changing, you know the beginning of the awkward teen years. Appreciate the thought Mom and Dad but not too excited. I feel like most of my high school years were over shadowed by that angsty “I don’t care about anything” attitude most teenagers felt but multiply it by 5 because I moved from a poor part of town to a rich part of town. To sum it up, I did not care about high school at all. I couldn’t wait to get out of town.

I went to college a few years after I graduated from high school and did actually enjoy it. I was doing well, I had good grades, I was engaged in my classes, I enjoyed it. I even had an A in my math class which I always struggled with math. Then, my grandpa died and I had some other personal things going on. I didn’t hit rock bottom in the sense that my life was falling apart and I was abusing drugs or alcohol and my family was upset with me but my self esteem and self worth hit rock bottom. I just went through life after that. I waited tables and was an assistant manager at a clothing store for years. I worked on average, 60-70 hours a week. I was making a lot of money but MAN was that a lot. Luckily I was in the early twenties and could keep up with it. I was just living life without purpose and very little direction. I loved my serving jobs and my position at the clothing store. I made lifelong friends and learned valuable lessons. Those years served a purpose for me and I am grateful for them. They did help rebuild confidence in myself, especially my job at the clothing store where I had a great relationship with my boss.

I regained some confidence and stuck to what I knew and knew I was good at, which wasn’t school. It wasn’t until we moved to Louisville for my husband’s job that I really started to be passionate about. I got my first job as a leasing agent and it just escalated, in a good way, from there. About 2 years into my leasing agent job I decided I would go to school and get my licenses in Real Estate. At this point I hadn’t been to school in over 5 years and was far removed from the life style of studying and going to classes. I ended up taking night classes for about 6 months on Tuesdays and Thursdays and became a licensed real estate agent in February of this year (2017). I remember taking the test and as it got closer to the last few questions, I about fainted. I felt like my whole life and everything I had worked hard for was RIGHT in front of me. As I pressed the done button I remember my heart racing and feeling so nervous about the results. I just never thought I was smart enough to pass a big test like this. I was wrong! I got an 80% and I couldn’t believe it. I walked out of the room and the guy working the front desk prints off your score. I remember asking him if I really passed and he nonchalantly was like “Yeah, where are you going to put your license?” I called my husband, I called my parents I was so excited. Then I cried. I was so happy and proud and relieved.

I put my mind to it and I actually made something happen. We need our trials and tribulations to get to our greatest moments. We need downfall and heart ache to get to joy and love. A well balanced life doesn’t mean happiness all the time. It means being able to look past the lows to reach for the highs.

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