Finding your college major

What is it you love to do? The very first question you should ever ask yourself when figuring out your major, or ever anything that will consume your life for more than two years. Finding the perfect fit for yourself and your future career can be ever changing just as you are ever changing being an 18-year-old, starting to survive on your own. Away from the comforts of your parents making your decisions and being there for constant advice. When you go to your mom, and ask her “hey mom what should my major be, and what should consume my life day and night for the next four years?”. If your mom is like the average mother out there, it will be the things she likes to do, gardening, looking at art, quilting. If you’re crazy enough to outsource that process for yourself then maybe college isn’t the right play for you. A major isn’t what someone else is doing or likes kind of choice; it’s a, your future relies heavily on this choice kind of decision. Just like your mom may like gardening or quilting, your love for things is of course there, every day when you consume hours of Netflix or scroll endlessly through your timeline certain things catch your eye and encourage a click or selection. Just like those heavily targeted kinds of creepy ads or show preferences know your habits you know them better.

When you are in high school although school at times seemed, hard there are classes that you enjoy and don’t want to sleep through completely. It can be the teacher, or maybe it’s just the actual subject. Whether you’re one of those kids that enjoy math or someone who enjoys art or a traditional one, business. When you relate to something, it becomes easier and more intriguing as time goes on. When college comes, and things get hands on like internships, you will see exactly why you chose a certain interest as your major. I chose my major and placed my future in degrees of business because of one high school teacher. From my very first freshman year class with him to take every class he ever taught, I knew what I loved and where I was going. If you’re like me though and fought every day with most school subjects then maybe school isn’t your best guidance for your choice, then let’s get unconventional. You can easily go back to Netflix and your Facebook timeline, sometimes what catches your eye is what has always intrigued you. Although some may say to never base your life off a T.V. show or movie, obviously, they have never seen criminal minds and wanted to hunt serial killers.

There is nothing wrong with being young and exploring. If you see something you like, learn more about it, research it and maybe try it. There are plenty of programs for high schoolers and undergrads where you can get experience and be hands on in for instance if you want it to become your life. Whether you’re the put together student and choose your major based on school or you’re the experience driven real-world application person, it is ok to take the time to find who you are. People change their majors, people change their schools’ college is all about the experiences, and they offer plenty of programs for you to find the best one. Don’t ever to stop exploring who you are truly meant to be.

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