Finding your place in College.

18, excited and standing before the adventure of a lifetime. For those who move out of state or out of town or even stay in town and completely commit to college life by moving out on their own. All share one thing in common, the ability to choose who you are about to be for fours. How do you find who you are supposed to be? Start small and build your better self. Whether you live in a dorm or live in an apartment off campus, take advantage of your first opportunity to meet people, orientations. Although orientations are the cold world of school creeping back into your life, orientations allow you to meet people early on so that school creeping back in isn’t a bad thing. Before you ever start a class, you will have multiple opportunities to experience other social events. You know those cheesy previews colleges showcase on their websites, for you to participate in campus life, the clubs, the Greek life events, the intramural? Go to them, learn about them and if you ever feel like it’s something you can easily fit into, join. Each one of these will allow you to grow and to interact with multiple people who will offer events that can help make being an adult easier. Sometimes any of these things can seem intimidating. You may not be the person to go out and randomly start conversations are events that provide information into all these groups, but if you grab one piece of information and have one conversation you can take those small steps for growing into a better you. Greek life is one of the most recognized and participated parts in college. Sometimes people can easily pick which sorority or fraternity they want to join, but like everything else, nothing is set in stone. I’ve known individuals who had family members in a certain chapter, they went to those information settings and saw something they didn’t like. They kept searching, they kept exploring, and when they found the right group for them, they joined. I’ve also known people who have joined and found out the life and schedule wasn’t right for them and they left, its ok to try new things, and when those things go right, it’s all worth it but if things seem more like a struggle. Take control and do what you want to do, along as you keep exploring for a better you. Integrate Greek life into your everyday college life, don’t stick to the bounds of one thing and meet people from all over campus to enrich the experience. College is nothing but four years of experiences, people, and learning. When you take it all in and allow your self to grow education wise or social, you can be a complete person. Put your phone down, when waiting for a class to start, turn next to you and talk. Don’t stop learning and always grow because whats beyond the boundaries of the college campus in life is nothing but new and exciting adventures you can prepare for these next four years.



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