Kevin M.

For so long l felt so lost, so underachieving because my dreams were so vast and crazy, and I was nowhere near accomplishing them. To me, in my mind, those dreams were guaranteed, but it felt numbing never having them happen in my life. I never took steps I never took action I kept my main action being inaction. Being an underachiever, the feeling of being lost grew into who I was. I wasn’t an average studying I was a way below average student barely passing classes relying on chance to move grade to grade. “I was a terrible student” was all that ever lived in my mind every day going to school and struggling was another terrible but normal day for me. I was the son of a Ph.D. who couldn’t figure out how to take education and learning seriously. Although my father never pushed me to be like he was, the cloud that hovered in my head created by me did nothing but hold me back; I felt as if I was failing my own life trapped in this vicious cycle. I saw my waste of education I was afforded to push me to a life of nothing.

As I barely passed high school to barely getting into community college one thing remained the same in my situation of school and In life, a lack of actually trying. With the help of business classes which I always excelled in, I was able to graduate with my associates in business management (after three years). I then was able to transfer into the college I had been around my entire life, where my parents worked and taught knowing I had to do way beyond what I ever did before, I had to try to excel in a place that was this standard for me, true higher education. This time around that message stuck, I was able to start successfully with the first four classes receiving A’s and B’s. Accomplishing something that I never thought I could I released my mind from this dark cloud, I just had to try harder than each time before. With each semester that passed, I continued doing well getting the best grades of my life, sometimes in classes that contained work where I just use to look and give up instantly. The key for me through my eventual successful academic career was going to meet with professors, asking questions, meeting people who knew these things and that could give me the help I needed to excel. I was able to push myself to be who I never thought I could be in life, successful. Embracing the experience is the thing I wish I knew before, giving back to what I was taking in.

I received my bachelor’s in marketing after another three years, although longer than what I would have ever preferred, I accepted it, it introduced me to the people and resources I needed to achieve my goals in life. I’ve completely embraced learning, I’ve taught myself to code, I’ve taught myself to day trade and learning the technicals of the stock market, I have invested in small businesses I have pushed myself further than I ever thought possible.  I now own this very site allowing people to tell their stories, enabling people to share and connect with who they truly and those around while providing encouragement to those who may need it the most.

Although the length and curve of the path life may take you on, it’s getting to know your self when you need it the most that get you to where you are supposed to be. No matter where you are in life or who you are, everything comes to a fork in the road, you either live adequately, or you live extravagantly, it doesn’t have to mean money or success it means being who YOU want to be. Never give up, never allow your mind to keep you down embrace the crazy risk in life and be special like only you know how.





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